In the business world should be much certainty and security when a transaction is made and perhaps to you you is not easy to trust anyone, maybe you’ve probably come to ask is it safe to use Bitcoin ?, because I tell you that if it is

The bitcoin despite being a virtual currency or cryptocurrency, is part of a means of exchange that is managed through cryptography, that is, certain coding techniques, which ensures the completion of transactions and the control of the creation of more units.

Being virtual, this type of currency is intangible, that is, it is not a banknote, much less a palpable currency, it is considered a decentralized currency, that is, it does not depend on the regulation of any government or is regulated by them.

What makes it so safe?

To know the value of it, it can be said that it depends on supply and demand, apart from that it has a somewhat peculiar formula or algorithm which takes into account the movements and transactions in a real way or instantly, reason for which it is a bit complicated to perform the calculation.

As for obtaining it, it can be said that there are several ways to obtain it:

  • Conventional exchange through money: it can be exchanged with cash (dollars or euros) through bitcoin exchange houses.
  • Paying for goods and / or services: thanks to mining it can be done, it can simply be done using the resources of a computer to solve certain mathematical problems or through the exchange of bitcoins.
  • Mobile applications: when you have the bitcoins on hand you can make exchanges through various mobile applications (suitable for any type of operating system), mention can be made of Bitvavo, a platform that allows you to make any type of exchange that is required.

What can be done with bitcoins?

This virtual currency allows you to cancel a good or service, you can also buy bitcoins in some exchange houses or also have several machines specially created for it.

It can be mentioned that bitcoin is the result of the payment for the theoretical consumption of the energy required in the process of its creation.

Payments are usually made through mobile applications or through the computer, for this you must include the recipient’s address, the amount to be canceled and clicking on the send option.

You must be sure of the operation, since once the respective button has been pressed, you will no longer be able to do anything.

The miners

The new bitcoins are usually generated through a decentralized process called Mineria, this is based on the fact that individuals are rewarded through the network for the services they perform.

These miners secure the network using fully specialized computer equipment that is responsible for collecting the coins in exchange for this service.

Now that you know, you can consider that it is safe to use bitcoin.