Q:In which countries and/or territories do the patents provide coverage? A: The majority of patents in the Wireless Network Patent Portfolio are issued in United States with numerous issued and pending patents in Europe, Canada, Asia and Latin America.

Q: Is IntusIQ a Non Practicing Entity “NPE”, a company that does not produce products or services? A: IntusIQ, together with SIPCO, patents are the result of over 20 years research and development work by Native American Independent Inventor T David Petite, his pioneering company invested tens of millions of dollars developing technology and patents creating early products and services connecting wireless devices to the Internet.

Q: What is the Term of the Patent Portfolio License? 
A: The new License provides coverage through the expiration of the Wireless Network Patent Portfolio Patents.

Q: How many Patents are included in the Patent License? A: Currently there are 42 patents issued and we continue to develop our portfolio. A current listing may be viewed here.

Q: What are the royalties for the Patent Portfolio License, and on which products are they payable? A: IntusIQ and SIPCO have a fair and reasonable royalty rate structure that is offered to all licensees

Q: What markets could products or services potentially benefit from the technology field of use that could be covered by the Wireless Network Patent Portfolio? A: The following are markets by example that could potentially benefit from a patent license:

                • Utility Applications: AMI/AMR, Distribution and Transmission Automation, Power Generation Monitoring, Grid Health Monitoring etc..
                • Home and Building Application: Home and Building Automation, Energy Management, Home Entertainment Systems, Safety and Security Monitoring etc..
                • Industrial Automation: Wireless Process Management, Asset Monitoring and Tracking etc..
                • Wireless Infrastructures: Wireless Mesh Backhaul, Internet Service providing, Wireless Distribution Systems etc..
                • Healthcare Applications: Health and Wellness Monitoring, Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine etc..
                • Agricultural Applications: Soil Condition Monitoring, Irrigation Control etc..
                • Smart City Applications: Parking Monitoring, Street and Public Lighting Control and Monitoring etc..
                • Smart Applications: Remote Vending Machine Monitoring, Vehicle Diagnostics etc..
                • Transportation: Parking, Vehicle monitoring, Road Infrastructure Logistics, Emergency Services etc..

Q: How do I get more information about licensing under the Wireless Network Patent Portfolio? A: To learn more about our licensing program, please send inquiries to info@ewmesh.com

Q: If I can design around, then I don’t need a patent license, correct? A: Yes, one can always attempt to design around; however please keep in mind a number of companies that are now licensees, approached us for a license because they tried unsuccessfully to design around the patents and technology. Also, supporting certain standards might make a design around impractical and very difficult, if not impossible in certain cases.

Q: I am a member of a consortium do I need a license? A: Most consortiums do not indemnify its members for patent infringement. Your need for a license depends on the products and services your company produces please refer to legal advisor and your consortium.

Q: Does IntusIQ and SIPCO litigate to protect its intellectual property? A: Yes; However our preference is to work in an amicable manner without litigation and with friendly license terms, but we will pursue litigation when necessary to protect its intellectual property rights for its existing licensees.

Q: How many licensees does IntusIQ and SIPCO have? A: We have over 60 licensees as of May 2014, the number increases monthly.

Please contact us to enquire about our Licensing Portfolio and Technology Services