Chinese Altar Table
A beautiful antique Chinese altar table is worth its weight in gold. It is 93″ long, 16″ deep and about 36″ high. It is made of Chinese walnut
wood, and is made to last for generations 斋菜. Its design includes bamboo-form stretchers that add visual interest and add visual depth. A tenon
construction gives the table a solid top, and the stacked bevels provide additional support and beauty. This exquisite table may even be used
as a server or display.
Oriental altar tables hand carved Chinese Ming style , 60" Wide - Oriental  Furnishings: Furniture & Decor
These tables can serve both religious and secular purposes. In ancient China, they were surrounded by offerings and censers. They could
also contain Buddha or Taoist images, or they could be decorated with a variety of other items. A typical altar table could hold various ritual
utensils, including ancestral tablets, flower vases, and Taoist or Buddhist images. However, in modern times, the Chinese Chinese altar table is used
for secular purposes.

Consigned Chinese Antique Carved Altar Table/Entry Console 17LP40 - Asian -  Console Tables - by Golden Treasures Antiques and Collectibles Inc | Houzz
A large carved wood alter table is an excellent investment for any home. This piece has a timeless feel, and is suitable for a religious or
spiritual setting. It is approximately 13″ wide, 44″ long, and 37″ high. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. A beautiful Chinese
altar table can be a treasured addition to any home or office. The following are a few reasons to consider one.